From the earliest days on earth, our ancestors used the fragrant plants to heal, uplift, anoint, and empower their lives. Why should fragrance, or aroma, be so powerful, and so sought after by people all over the world throughout history?

Consider for a moment:
Why do you give flowers as a sign of love, good wishes, or blessing? What is so magical about the fragrance of a rose? The scent of a pine forest?

These aromatic liquids are called "essential oils" now, but they were called "precious oils" and "sacred oils" in ancient times. They were used anciently not only for physical well-being, longevity, beauty, courage, wealth and political power, but for sacred purposes in temples, religious rituals, and at births and deaths.

Nine powerful Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are dropped like "little raindrops" and massaged into the spine relieving muscular tension in the body.

The therapeutic grade essential oils used support the immune and nervous system and are designed specifically for topical application. Raindrop Technique was developed as a result of research indicating that many forms of spinal misalignments are caused by muscle spasms due to bacteria and viruses originating in the spine and the tissues along the spine. Raindrop Technique is a very relaxing process during which your sense of smell will be stimulated with the variety of therapeutic grade essential oils.
NingXia Red is a super-nutritive and delicious premium fruit blend carefully prepared with legendary Ningxia wolfberries. NingXia Red contains many of the highest natural levels of vital, bioactive nutrients that are scarce in our modern diets. These nutrients come together
to improve health in virtually every organ system, and NingXia Red consumers report a wide variety of significant and sometimes phenomenal health effects.

What Is It!

Animals Have Feelings,Too!

If you care about them; why would you use products that could endanger their health.


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